Kalisan is a company operating in the advertising and toys sector under the brand name Kalisan Balloons. Thanks to collaborative work with agencies and consumers, our company pursues constant growth and development by adopting new technologies, systems and innovations.

Kalisan company produces latex balloons in various sizes and colors. In order to ensure quality and health standards, every production stage is being carefully monitored and checked by experienced staff. Our products are regularly inspected by accredited institutions in order to comply with International standards regulations. Balloons packed in Happy Ballons packages are promoted by our company, while our local and foreign distributors migh choose to pack the product under their own brand nam. The production is conducted in AOSB, Izmir.

Balloons production and printing machines can be adjusted according to the production needs; if required, customised balloons can be produced upon request. Our engineers and technicans undertake regular developing education to provide efficient production according to latex processing principles. All the applied innovations make Kalisan a strong player on the local and international markets.

In 1996, when the company was established, production capacity was 1 million plane balloons and 90 thousand printed balloons per month , with a target to produce five million balloons per month within the next 10 years. By 2014, we reached the goal with over 11 million plane balloons and 6 million printed balloons brought monthly. In the near future we aim to increase the capacity to 19 million ballons a month which will be produced on the newly installed equipment.

In order to ensure fast, quality and stable service we introduce online service system with fully developed online sales options.


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